Do you wish to upgrade your experience at Åre 2019? If so, our VIP packages might be just the right choice for you or your company. See below for a description of the VIP offers, available packages and pricing. Do not miss this opportunity to treat yourself to something special at the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2019.

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Our VIP Lounges

Lounge 2007

Located in a two-floor tent just next to the finish line, the Lounge 2007 guests will be at the center of action. A three-course lunch menu with two beverages of your choice are included in the daily package. Additional drinks may be purchased from the bar all day long (alcoholic and non-alcoholic options). The Lounge 2007 pass also provide access to an adjacent tribune with an excellent view of the finish area. Daily availability: 700 persons / day.

Lounge 1954

This lounge, inspired by the first edition of the Championships in 1954, is located on the ground floor of the Arena House in the finish area. The guests are invited to pick and choose their meals at various food courts serving specialties prepared with local ingredients from the region of Jämtland and Swedish delicacies. Also serving breakfast and coffee & cake all day long. The Lounge 1954 pass includes food, beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), ski pass and grandstand seating with unobstructed views of the finish area and video wall. During competitions, warm beverages and snacks are served in the grandstand. Daily availability: 250 persons / day.


Lounge 2019

The exclusive Lounge 2019 hospitality is located on the top floor of the Arena House and features a wonderful view over the entire finish area and to the slopes. Each Lounge 2019 can accommodate up to 20 guests who will be taken care of by a dedicated host/ess. Each Lounge 2019 can be branded to meet corporate requirements and so can the menus for the exquisite sit-down meals. During competition, guests may enjoy the action from their own private stand on the roof of the Arena House. During the day, dedicated cars will be at the service of the Lounge 2019 guests with drop-off directly at the Arena.


Lounge 2007 VIP tickets

Daily pass – 2495 SEK excluding VAT (25%), excluding service fees
Week 1 – 9995 SEK excluding VAT (25%)
Week 2 – 12 495 SEK excluding VAT (25%)
Entire duration of Åre 2019 Championships – 21 995 SEK excluding VAT (25%)

Lounge 1954 VIP tickets

Daily pass – 4995 SEK excluding VAT (25 %)
Week 1 – 19 995 SEK excluding VAT (25%)
Week 2 – 24 995 SEK excluding VAT (25%)
Entire duration of Åre 2019 Championships – 43 995 SEK excluding VAT (25%)

Lounge 2019 VIP tickets

Price per Lounge: 200 000 SEK excluding VAT (25 %)

VIP packages with accommodation

Each package includes accommodation at Holiday Club, Åre, and access to Lounge 2007.
Package 1 – 1 double room + two VIP daily passes – 12 740 SEK excluding VAT (25%)
Paket 2 – 1 double room + four VIP daily passes – 19 890 SEK excluding VAT (25%)
Paket 3 – 1 single room + two VIP daily passes – 12 740 SEK excluding VAT (25%)